Friday, July 13, 2007


We were sitting on the beach in Maui and it dawned on me that we were enjoying the perfect day.

My beautiful wife by my side.

Our son and daughters reveling in the sand, surf, and sun.

Drip sand castles. Boogie boards. Paperback novels.

Rolling waves, indigo sea, clear blue skies, basaltic mountains, tropical flowers, distant islands.

Rest. Sabbath. Selah. Pause.

Breathe in, breathe out.

This is paradise.

Wait. No, it's not. This too shall pass. Even though I want this moment to be eternal, I know time marches on. Like the wind, I don't know why it moves on. But it always does. I can take a picture and try to capture the moment. Video tape may take me back vicariously to this perfect day, helping to preserve a memory. But, indeed, it's never the same. Even now, that blissful time dances in my mind like a dream, a vision, a recollection.

One day, time will be frozen. The eternal moment will be upon us. Paradise--like we've known only for a few moments in this beautiful world made by a God who is Beauty--it will be forever ours. Until then, whispers of what has been continue to push me forward to what will be.

He is Paradise. And, one day, I will be with Him, with my beautiful wife by my side, with our children reveling in the sea of His presence, and a clear vision of all that is Beauty and Goodness and Fun.

Oh God. What a day that will be.

The perfect day.

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Michael Gilley said...

You should write a screenplay and have it filmed. "The Perfect Day"

My roommates and I just moved today, all day. We moved out of a house that we had lived in for a year. At one point, when we were catching our breaths (among many) we began reminiscing about the past year and when we first moved in. It seemed so long ago, and yet, like it barely happened yesterday. "Like a vapor in the wind," Chris said. He was right. As I walked through the house after loading my final carload I saw my room, bare and open like it was the day I first saw it. The same went for the kitchen and the living room. So much had happened in that house over the past year and yet here it was just like it was when we first moved into it. I'd like to think that all those times are imprinted somewhere but I know they will be summed on that last day, when I will be with all my brothers and sisters. I will be amongst my whole family once again. I long for that day, when I know I can fully love them as I ought. Isn't it beautiful though to see the cycles of life? And yet, I'm only just beginning Lord willing. Good thoughts.