Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One simple truth

Obedience is boring when things are going well.

That's when I'm tempted by the enticement: think of all the things you're missing because you don't . . . .

I must admit: the allurement of sin makes me wonder about the forbidden. Why not spice up your life with a little indulgence?

The problem is: I fear God.

I'm afraid He will say, "So, let's get this straight. Life is so good, every once in a while you get bored. Want a little action? Want to shake things up a little? A little intensity? Want to go to a place where you long for the good ol' days, when good things were predictably boring?"

No. No. I take it back. I'm so grateful your goodness is so reliable I feel like I'm missing out on other things.

Honestly, I wouldn't make a very good rebel, anyways.


Darryl Schafer said...

Along similar lines:

I was reading through Hebrews recently (for the first time, oddly enough), and 10.26-31 sent shivers down my spine.

Rev. Spike said...

I suppose that ties in perfectly with Gen 3, I mean, when were things going any better than that and look how we botched that up.

I have faced similar temptations, it is much easier for me to follow God when the pressures on (knock on wood) than when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping etc.

Perhaps it is the lack of combat that softens a soldier, it happened to Rome.

JD said...

how does your new book line up with the new perspective on paul?

Sarah said...

Well, Dr. Reeves, I just read your blog and it's almost like being in class again: a touch of irony, a lot of conviction, tough questions and all those irritating references to the Revelation. Thanks for posing thoughts that so many of us think....we just don't know how to verbalize.
-Sarah Lewis

Anonymous said...

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danny wright said...

How true