Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One, simple observation

I am amazed how quickly Christians sacrifice the gospel on the altar of their particular political ideology(ies). And, to make matters worse, we don't even realize when we do it.

God help us.


Rich S said...

Anything in particular cause you to think this?

Willie Bell said...

But doesn't God have to side with the Republicans if Obama is the antichrist??? ;-)

L said...

willie, remember: if obama is the antichrist then we should vote for him because then the end will come faster!!!

hahaha. classic dr. reeves comment i will always remember :)

one of my professors at covenant, his name is nelson jennings, i can tell he's going to make many 'subtle' comments on politics and the bible like reeves did/does and it makes me happy. his key phrase is similar too but instead of 'fascinating' he says 'i find that astounding.'


Darryl Schafer said...

And then use those same ideologies to determine what does and does not pass for "a genuine faith" (heh heh).